About that “Internet of Things” thingy…

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So, cross legged sitting down with my eyes closed, I “zenly” wonder:

Are we the witnesses of the dusk or the dawn of a new era?

It might be something very new for some people; something common for others, and some will be first-timers when reading/hearing about the “Internet of Things”. It was a big thing back in 2013 but some people believe it is water under the bridge now.

Basically, in tech terms, IoT has 2 main parts:
1. The chip or technology that connects the device (or individual, clothes, animal?) to a network, whether global (internet) or local (my house/office).
2. The lenguage or software that receives and sends information back so that “chip” does something or just keeps on “stand-by”.

So, I (user) play with my phone (transmitter) so something in my environment (device? person?) changes (does something, sends info…) AND affects me.
Something like (e.g.) when you were a baby (user) and started crying (software) so your mom (network) made everything work so, after just 2 minutes, you could get your food or get your diapers changed.

Exactly. What you do immediately affects your environment so, sooner or later, it will affect yourself.
Let’s see. Then… Is Candy Crush© IoT? No. Just a game.
What about Netflix? Nope.
Runtastic? Close but nein, sorry.

Actually, Home Automation is the clearest example of IoT.
Imagine I am driving home (or cycling or just walking) and my mega-super-cool-app detects it and “tells” my clima to turn on at 23ºC, also get the bathtub ready and set the oven temp because I am hungry. An “app” can deal with this. Sky is the limit, so let imagination play!
NFC technology will disrupt from current 2016, since it serves the purpose of creating a launching platform for many old and new Business Model to adapt or re-discover their potential. I am sure we will see some old tech friends again thanks to NFC.

After a quick research and lots of following-up on the Spanish arena, I can’t feel there are many start-ups working on this yet, which may be an indicator of how things are around. But future is hard to predict and even Jeff Bezos gets it wrong some times, so we still have many things to explore and discuss.

All in all, IoT has a powerful feature (besides global connectivity): data exponential generation.

We can’t argue that the interaction between users and devices inside a network will create a Jillion of Terabytes. So this is what is called Big Data. From there, we can deduct another feature: real-time exchange of data. BOOM! There you go! It sounds stupid, I know, but it is NOT.
Equations and Data Management are being configured as a required niche within the next few years.

Millennials believe all this is the normal thing, that Wi-Fi was always there same as cellphones, eye-reading door locks, that I can call my car to pick me up, changing rooms/atmospheres after my tastes… in one word: ALL can be automatized. And yes. Answer is yes. Maybe not all not today, but in the future. Certainly.

So, conclusion: we need to start doing stuff (that’s the hard part, I know), but… stuff that is worthy. Note that we cannot monetize everything nor make everything essential. We need to prioritize and, nowadays, money is one of the leading criteria (not the only one, though) to list priorities. Either this or we start developing a new trend of “volunteerapps” within specific communities (we can talk about “Bolsa Social” later on).

I am sure many things will come in the future: ideas, projects… some of which cannot be even imagined yet.
Personally, I would love to believe that ingravity-based technology has a strong potential and applications in most fields, same as improvement of space travels and technologies to create or adapt atmosphere, ecosystems, life regeneration… anything that will allow us to inhabit other planets and/or regenerate Earth…
…but this might be sci-fi based on my readings! or maybe not.

Turn the TV off. Survive boredom. Use your brain.