Passion for urban cycling is leading this project.
Ondo is a non-invasive and utterly sensitive way to cycle in the city by keeping your senses where they must be: the road.
It will also allow urban planning for a better future in smart-cities, where users needs will design and configure the environment they really need.

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Based on years of experience in ER situations, we have created an integrated system for deaf-mute people to communicate in case of emergency with the people who matters.
This system has been developed to affect all parameters in ER cases, dramatically reducing “Time of Response“.
Other uses for the same technology (language) are being developed and we will be glad to launch them soon enough.


Internet of Things is becoming a key part to the so-called 4th industrial revolution.
We are aware of some of the new technologies out there, which are creating new ways to do things and are forcing us to adapt to new models in order to (quoting Darwin) “survive“.

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